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The flat roof under control

Sensors and scanners from HUM-ID can locate leaks at an early stage. Damage caused by water to your flat roof or interior can easily be prevented or minimised. The system for this is reliable, durable and what is particularly important to us, it works passively!

It needs just two components:

  1. The sensors, which are only 10 x 3 x 0.1 cm in size, do not need cables or batteries and are integrated directly into the roof structure.
  2. The roof scanner, which is connected to a smartphone, reads the HUM-ID sensors contactlessly using RFID technology.

IAT is the exclusive partner in Austria for this proven standard of monitoring moisture and standing water on roofs and in soils. Whether it’s a new build or renovation, we make sure that you have the water under control and offer you not only installation but also regular roof checks by our professionals. A log of the monitoring of all sensors is created and sent to you.

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