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Germanys Number One - exclusively available at IAT for Austria: The all-in-one system for locating moisture in flat roofs. Affordable, accurate, and proven many times over.

The first choice for efficient building inspection: IAT GmbH is the exclusive partner of HUM-ID, the innovative and uncomplicated system for monitoring moisture in construction. Locating water in flat roof constructions has never been so easy and effective. Instead of expensive installation and high operating costs, the standard for flat roofs relies on passive sensors that are inserted into the thermal insulation during construction or renovation. They can be read at any time with a reader and the free HUM-ID app for Android and Apple devices.


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No cables, no hassle thanks to RFID

The HUM-ID sensors are directly integrated into the construction and can be checked for moisture through multiple layers of material and loadings with the HUM-ID reader via RFID.

Via Bluetooth, the data is transmitted in real-time to the HUM-ID app during the inspection. The electronically stored result reports enable processors to provide immediate proof of tightness even before acceptance and support building owners and facility management in detecting damages early on during ongoing operations.

Thanks to the positioning function, damp spots in the construction can already be precisely located during the construction phase.

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Flexible use, easy to plan

How many sensors you need to calculate for the roof depends on the size and nature of the area.

  • For small roof areas of up to 200 m2, we recommend a close-meshed sensor grid of 1 sensor per m2.
  • For medium-sized roof areas between 200 and 1,000 m2, we recommend a sensor grid of 1 sensor per 2 m2 for rough estimation.
  • For roofs with an area of more than 1,000 m2, we recommend a grid of 1 sensor per 4 m2 in the area. At the edge, a sensor can be installed every 2 meters for additional security

We are happy to assist you with the detailed planning.

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Full control - even during the construction phase.

Our long-standing experience shows that unwanted moisture in the roof structure occurs in every second new building. The inspections of our customers, which are often carried out during the construction phase to check the processing, pinpoint exactly where water is forming under the sealing. With HUM-ID, you can locate wet spots precisely.

The early detection and correction of weaknesses is essential for the overall lifespan of the component. Damage that may occur mainly during trade changes can be detected and rectified in this way.


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