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Areas of application

Roof - floor - timber construction: With HUM-ID, you can perform effective moisture control throughout almost the entire building.

With HUM-ID you can perform effective leak detection almost throughout the entire building. Learn here about the main areas of application for moisture sensors.

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100% certainty for the building envelope

HUM-ID sensors are the standard for flat roofs. Their high flexibility, accuracy and signal strength enable efficient and cost-effective leak detection - without the need to open the roof.

HUM-ID sensors are especially suitable for use with the following types of flat roofs:

  • Warm roof
  • Cold roof
  • Green roof (extensively)
  • Green roof (intensively)
  • Retention roof

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Because damages are particularly expensive here

HUM-ID ground sensors can be integrated anywhere proactive moisture prevention is necessary.
The sensor placement indoors is customized depending on the specific construction circumstances.

The areas of application are also diverse:

  • Bathroom
  • Underfloor heating
  • Terraces
  • Gallery corridors
  • Kitchen

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Play it safe, especially when it comes to wood

The sensors also detect moisture in wooden construction. The passive and durable sensors from HUM-ID are quick and easy to install, allowing for moisture control in wooden construction. More and more wooden module builders are already integrating these sensors in their factories. However, the chips are also suitable for on-site installation, ensuring sustainable protection of this valuable building material.

Because: If the damage is already visible, it is simply too late. The earlier countermeasures such as local drying can be taken, the greater the chance of avoiding extensive demolition measures. Regular checks of the wood construction for moisture inside the modules enable early detection of potential problem areas and demonstrably reduce the risk of damage.

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Hum-ID presents: The Dropline. Leakage detection in real time.

The first active sensor system for floor areas from Hum-ID. The new wired sensor standard specifically designed for the high demands of modern and sustainably developed residential buildings. Affordable moisture protection for every room. For every residential unit. For every building. Available now exclusively from us.

With the Dropline, we close the last gap and offer unprecedented, building-wide wetness protection that saves cash and makes your properties truly safe. The setup is as usual from HUM-ID very easy and extremely practical. Schedule a free consultation now and get to know the Dropline.

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