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The HUM-ID system is convincing above all for its simplicity. It is the most pragmatic solution for a durable flat roof.

The HUM-ID system for controlling moisture in building components consists of only three components. Easy to install and operate, it has become the most popular wireless leakage detection system in Germany and Austria. Get to know the components and their interaction better.

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High Tech – made in Germany

The wireless HUM-ID sensors can detect moisture in their environment. The flat chips are directly integrated into the insulation or always placed exactly where moisture is to be found. The number of sensors required depends on the installation scenario and the desired accuracy or security needs of the building owner.

The sensors are available in two variants. For most application scenarios in the flat roof area, we recommend the WD1 sensor. For indoor use as well as in cold and inverted roofs, we provide the sensor type KD1, equipped with an additional absorbent fleece to detect ambient moisture even more sensitively.

Areas of application

One Scanner for all roofs

The compact HUM-ID reader HD EXA queries the moisture state of the sensors via RFID signal.

  • One-time purchase: With a scanner, any number of sensors and projects can be monitored.
  • Compatible with all sensors, including future generations, as well as the HUM-ID app.
  • High reading range for optimal sensor control, particularly good handling due to pistol grip.

The reader is part of the standard equipment for roofers who offer the installation and monitoring of HUM-ID sensors

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The Roof Maintenance Protocol for Your Pocket

With the HUM-ID app, you control the monitoring from your smartphone. As soon as the reader detects a wet sensor, you can locate it with pinpoint accuracy and mark the spot on the floor plan or roof view.

For each inspection, a result report is created that can be saved and sent as a PDF or CSV file. The HUM-ID app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

By the way: projects can also be easily exported using the HUM-ID app, allowing for sensor control over the entire lifecycle of a building even when there are changing roofers or service providers.


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