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Special sealing

The business card of public spaces

Floors in parking garages, industrial areas and common areas in residential complexes are used and subjected to stress in different ways. They are often visually unattractive and sometimes even smell bad, but as public spaces they should actually be the business card of the entire structure. That’s why high-quality coatings should be used to meet the aesthetic demands of the users. 

We have suitable solutions for this and can provide any version of IO systems as well as appropriate systems with reinforcement to bridge cracks, plus a wide range of design and configuration options. Waterproofing systems with liquid plastic or coating systems as chloride barriers, for example, are much more flexible and appealing in visual terms than conventional wear layers of mastic or rolled asphalt. Friendly and bright surfaces can be created and are easier to clean. 

Your contacts for special sealing

Wolfgang Schindler W, NÖ, Bgld, Stmk
Andreas Kranebitter Ktn, Sbg, DE