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Relaxation by the water

Who doesn't dream of a pond in their own garden? Whether it’s a bathing or ornamental pond, with us you get everything from a single source. We look after the planning and construction as well as regular servicing. We can handle not only the construction of bathing ponds and swimming biotopes but also the design of ornamental ponds.

Bathing pond and swimming biotope

The bathing pond is a combination of swimming pool and biotope. It consists of a bathing area and an adjoining shallow water area that acts a natural purification plant. With a swimming pond or swimming biotope, you create an atmosphere that not only enhances your garden and property but is also an adventurous environment. Ideal for a dip and to promote well-being. Another benefit: the pond can also be used as a separate fire-fighting pond in front of the house. 

Ornamental pond and biotope

Fancy your own idyllic oasis in the garden, just the way you want it? Ornamental ponds and biotopes don’t need added chemicals. They’re not a burden on the environment and enormously enhance open spaces. In addition, they not only create new habitat for flora and fauna but are also a source of relaxation and recreation for everyone. 

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