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The leading solution for leak detection.

Since entering the market, HUM-ID has shaken up the market for leak detection systems considerably. For the first time, it is possible to install a permanent detection system at affordable prices. And this without any ongoing costs or the need for a fixed service provider. Here, we present selected HUM-ID projects.

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65 meters high, 100% secured.

The „Roots“ is an 18-story building with a height of 65 meters. The floor area amounts to 20,600 m². The building houses a total of 181 residential units, of which 128 are condominiums and 53 are publicly subsidized. HUM-ID sensors will be installed on almost all floors to monitor moisture. This allows the wooden construction to be monitored regularly during the construction phase and potential damage to be detected and repaired early on. The opening of the high-rise is planned for the first quarter of 2024. The client is GARBE Immobilien-Projekte GmbH.

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NHT - Mitterweg, Innsbruck

In 2020, NEUE HEIMAT TIROL commissioned IAT GmbH with the roof renovation works of the two residential buildings located at Mitterweg 157 and 159 (near the airport).

The roof sealing from 1997 already had a lot of leaks, causing water to seep into the apartments through the roof. The two existing green roofs had to be demolished down to the reinforced concrete ceiling and a new roof structure had to be built.

A total of 1,400 m2 were renovated, divided between two buildings. For the first time in this construction project, the surface detection system HUM-ID was successfully installed to ensure long-term control of the roof sealing.

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A hotel in modular construction by pod bau gmbh

The "pod-Hotel," upon its completion, will be approximately 27 meters high and will offer its guests a view of the lake area and the Alps from its 73 rooms. With the exception of the elevator shaft and staircase, the entire building will be made of wood, making it the tallest wooden house in Upper Austria.

Peter Limberger, CEO of pod bau gmbh, says, "Even in our current construction project in Eberstalzell, Austria's largest hotel in modular construction made of wood, we rely on the HUM-ID sensor system. The sensors have been installed in the modules beneath the wet areas. Two sensors have been installed in each 'pod.' One of the advantages of HUM-ID is its easy installation. We are very satisfied."

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Kiennast Offices - Office building with canteen in timber construction

In the new construction of this modern office complex, which was built in sustainable timber construction with klimaaktiv certification, the early detection of water damage is also an important issue.

We equipped the entire flat roof, the interior of the canteen and all wet rooms with HUM-ID sensors.

The coordination and implementation was carried out in cooperation with the responsible architectural office YES WE PLAN / BM Ing. Klaus Beron.

Elementary School Raxendorf - Demolition and new construction of an elementary school incl. gym renovation

The new elementary school is a multifunctional educational building and will be erected in timber construction.

The flat roof will be equipped with 150 HUM-ID sensors to protect against invisible moisture.

The architectural office YES WE PLAN under the direction of BM Ing. Klaus Beron is responsible as general planner for this project from the draft to the handing over.