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Bridge construction

Overcoming obstacles and ensuring stability

The challenge with bridge waterproofing is that “tight” is not enough. The reason is that the required high-quality waterproofing constitutes the bridge between the supporting structure and the wear layer. 

At temperatures of between -25 °C and +80 °C, approximately 1 cm of sealant material permanently bonds together different materials such as concrete, epoxy resin, bituminous sheeting and asphalt. Additional mechanical influences such as full braking by lorries or permanent transverse forces on bends in motorways represent a huge stress test for durable operation. 

Thanks to its permanent quality controls, the on-going development of laying techniques, as well as the careful selection of suitable waterproofing systems, IAT GmbH also has the necessary technical know-how and decades of experience in road construction. 

Your contacts for bridge construction

Wolfgang Schindler W, NÖ, Bgld, Stmk
Andreas Kranebitter Ktn, Sbg, DE