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Hydroseeding & Landscaping

Fast, efficient and environmentally friendly
Sustainable greening with hydro seeding

With the best equipment in Austria and the know-how of our experts, we are one of the leading providers in the field of hydroseeding technology. Our area of application ranges from flat land to high alpine terrain. Using modern special trucks, we plant road embankments, shoulders, landfills, dams, forest and agricultural paths using the hydro-seeding wet spraying process. In extreme locations and in difficult terrain, the seeding method by helicopter has proven its worth.

The IAT Greenline team has many years of experience and specialist knowledge in the field of hydroseeding and are happy to provide you with advice. As a long-standing partner for agricultural businesses, authorities and companies, customer concerns have top priority for us. Therefore, we also offer direct settlement with funding agencies on request.


Why hydro seeding?

Hydro seeding, also known as wet seeding or spray-on greening, is an efficient and sustainable bioengineered solution for greening problem areas. The method is particularly suitable in steep, difficult-to-access terrain and on untraveled areas – wherever mechanical seeding is not possible.

Hydro seeding thus offers a cost-effective alternative where other greening techniques reach their limits or become uneconomical. Frequent areas of application are also the greening of steep road embankments, motorways, track systems on railway lines or the recultivation of slopes at risk of being washed out, such as ski slopes.

How does the wet spray process work?

The mixtures can be individually adapted to the location and customer requirements. In a special stirring tank, a mixture of seeds, fertilizers, organic glue and soil additives is applied directly to the area to be greened in one step using a spray lance. The result is an immediately protected and fixed seed. The added components minimize the risk of drying out or washing out. The germination rate is therefore significantly higher than that of other sowing variants. This also enables immediate protection against erosion.

The basis for successful wet seeding is a careful analysis of the terrain, precise planning and professional implementation. Then all types of grass, wood and herbs can be spread – the seed size alone can limit its use. Existing lawns can also be transformed into flowering meadows and contribute to biodiversity.


Benefits of hydro seeding:

  • Economically cheaper than ready-made or rolled turf
  • High germination rates and dense vegetation
  • Immediate, ecologically harmless protection against erosion
  • Protection against drying out of the soil by sun and wind
  • Ideal for greening steep slopes
  • Also suitable for humus-poor soils
  • Seed mixtures individually adapted to the location
  • Promoting biodiversity

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Hydro seeding & landscaping