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HTL Dornbirn

Facts and Figures
Company IAT GmbH
Principal Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft Feldkirch
Location Dornbirn - Austria
Type Sealing
Service duration 08.2020 - 03.2021
Runtime 08.2020 - 03.2021

Roof renovation on the chemical tract of HTL Dornbirn

In spring 2020, the chemistry department on the 2nd floor of the HTL Dornbirn was turned into a construction site. After months of work, the time has finally come – the new laboratories and chemistry rooms were put into operation after the end of the lockdown.

The roof over the chemical tract has a size of almost 1,300m².

The existing tin roof including the wooden formwork was demolished and an edge fall protection system was installed.

The new wooden formwork was installed on site and then a UV-resistant bituminous seal was applied.

The scarfing work was carried out in record time and completed to the full satisfaction of the client.

Several wire systems were installed on the renovated component so that the roof is accessible for authorised personal.