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Facts and Figures
Company IAT GmbH Greenline
Principal Walter Dettmann GmbH
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Absaug- und Verblasetechnik, Health care facilities
Runtime 05.2020 - 05.2020


Construction project Octapharma – 1100 Wien, Oberlaaer Straße 235

In May 2020, IAT GmbH Greenline, department of extraction and blowing technology, was commissioned with graveling work on the roof area and the installation of the substructure of the footpaths.

The graveling work started in May. The construction site was a challenge, since the entire ventilation system had already been set up and the gravel underneath the ventilation system also had to be installed.

We also sponsored the chippings for the substructure of the sidewalks.

In this construction project, around 500m² were gravelled in a very small space.